Recording of your Reading on a USB Thumb Drive




Thumb Drive With Your Reading Recorded

This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service a recording is made. Listen to readings over again to get every detail in the connection with spiritual guides and angels divine, highest IntellIgence, the HIGHEST OF THE HIGHEST. Many times over I receive phone calls telling me the actural voice of a loved one crossed over is recorded on the USB, this is “EVP” Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Curious to learn more about your life now and into the future. Listen to your recorded reading to capture every piece of information. Order your USB Thumb Drive now.


World Rank of Lightworkers/ Practitioners of Divinatory Arts
out of 17,000 submitted names from 83 countries,
based upon the number of votes received.
The 6th National and International Vote-Election of The United States and The World's Best Lightworkers

By category here are the rankings for Vickie Gay:

Vickie Gay World Ranks 2016-2017
World's Best Female Medium World's Best Female Psychic
Most Recommended Female Medium & Psychic #2 in the World.
Vickie Ranks in America 2016-2017
America's Best Female Psychic #1 America's Best Female Medium #1
Best Paranormal Researchers Investigators
Best Ghost Hunters and Personalities

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