Seance Universal Passing Over Unforgetable World Event

Seances in four parts of the world. David Wharmby and his 12 sitters, Vickie Gay and her 12 sitters, Canada and ….. a total of 52 mediums around the world simultaneously hold a world event Seances|  PARA FEST UNIVERSAL PASSING OVER. 


To everyone there and everyone around the world watching,

This event guided people, animals, birds, insects, all those having horrid deaths that were stuck in limbo bettween the earth and spirit worlds. As the mediums experianced the work at hand there were tears of happiness, feelings of swooshing beings going to the light. Thousands of upon thousands uncountable visions of stuck spirits released into the light a seance I will never to be forgotten.  Each medium struck with powerful emotions never every felt before! Attendees listed there loved ones on the rememberance list, were all present helping.

Blessing to you all,

Vickie Gay

Watch streaming MOV video of UPO circle event.

First 10 min of Bryon's talk at the UPO.
Bryon Smith Featured speaker at the Universal Passisng Over in Las Vegas, NV. Event Producer Vickie Gay

Bryon said “I spoke at the Universal Passing Over event in Las Vegas, NV   All the speakers were very good and all of them discussed things that were important lessons in life about creating and using positive energy to help themselves and others.

There was an enormous amount of positive energy at the event and when the psychic mediums began their prayer circle I could feel the energy flowing in the room like you feel the jets of water in a hot tub.

Then while two others were speaking and I was standing in front of the door I glanced  back to see a man coming into the room and I stepped out of the way only to look back and see there wasn’t anyone there.  A jet of cold flowed over my back as the ghost entered the room.  I asked a monk standing beside the door if he had seen me move out of the way for the ghost that just came in and he smiled and nodded.

There was a team of people there taking photos of people’s auras and Vickie and I both had ours done.  The system really works, runs off a computer and it is a charged system.  You put your hand on a bunch of electronically charged buttons and the camera can actually see your aura.  It changes colors and when it become stable they snap the picture.  Vickie’s aura image was mostly bright white with a touch of purple.  Mine was mostly greens and yellows with some orange.  The print out tells what the colors on different areas of the body mean.  I’ll have links to these people’s sites on here soon.

There was spiritual healing.  Tables lined the walls with information, books, items for sale and practitioners.

We had such a good time I wish you could all be here with us.”

Jennifer DiCamillo Special Speaker and Honored particapate sitters at Vickie Gay’s Seance in action of Universal Passing Over.
Oct. 28th 2006

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