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Hi Vickie, Shortly after a dear friend passed; a loved one gifted me a reading with Vickie.  She affirmed some things that satisfied my skeptical mind… She said I had met the friend she was in contact with in spirit, on a fire escape.  I had never told ANYONE that!  It’s so random and seemingly irrelevant.  She even said it was behind a library.  It was behind a college with plenty of books!!
She also warned me to be aware of someone in my life.  That he was in a relationship with someone I knew of, and she was being emotionally AND physically abused. I honestly rolled my eyes on that.  The alleged abuser had never even raised his voice in an argument.  WELL, he must have had some sort of mental snap!!  Vickie was correct!
I talked to the woman he was abusing 8 YEARS after Vickie’s very detailed reading.  The woman recounted events of being emotionally AND physically abused just as Vickie had warned!
Vickie was SO detailed, she even said the two had a violent incident in which there was a fight in a car, he was driving, and he “sped away very fast and angry.”  It happened EXACTLY as Vickie envisioned.
I’m a HUGE skeptic.  Vickie Gay is one of the few who truly deserves the title:
Enlightened One!”💜
keep on spreading the love and light sister.  We appreciate your guidance!
You truly have that RARE and special gift!  You’re FAR more enlightened than most souls on our planet.  Love, light and metta to you Vickie!💕🔮✨💫Amanda

Hi Vickie,
It has been several years since I had a powerful session with you- I woke up this morning with your name on my heart and a spirit call to reach out!
Do you still offer phone sessions, and if so- do you have any availability?
Hope this email finds you well- I look forward to connecting!
Fondly, Christa

Thank you so much Vickie!! I truly just want to scream Thank you and Love you!!!! Our family is going to find you around Christmas time.. Not sure why.. Maybe when you said Nevada City… I just know we will see you again then. I know it is always the truth and hard to hear… but glad my baby boy was strong enough to go and rest. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Laura

Hi Vickie,
     I just wanted to tell you what happened after your reading today. When you made contact with my husband, I asked him to send me some obvious signs, like TV interference or turning lights on and off. So when I turned my television on tonight,
It would not come on without reprogramming it. I called my daughter to tell her and she said when she turned her television on it did the same thing. Also, in your workshop this morning you told my daughter that she would be a successful writer. About an hour ago, the Elly nominations were announced and my daughter received fourteen Elly nominations! So I just wanted to say, thank you, you were right on target!
        Best Regards,
           Carole Helder & Corinna Hayes
Hi Vickie.  I met you last year at the psychic fair in Grass Valley.   My reading with you was phenomenal.  If possible I would like to meet with you again.  I live in Nevada City.  Please let me know if it is possible to meet with you.  A time and day??   
Thank you for considering me.  Teri.  🙏❤
Amanda Earl said…
Anytime!  You truly have that RARE and special gift!  You’re FAR more enlightenedthan most souls on our planet.  Love, light and metta to you Vickie!💕🔮✨💫
Scheduling another reading…Also, last year when I was at the psychic fair in Reno I sat in on your talk. During that talk I had a deja vu and told you about it. You told me I was on the wrong path. At that time I didn’t understand, now I do.  It had to do with the man I was with.  Just wanted you to know, you were right.😊💜😇🌈🙏 Tiffaney

“Vickie Gay’s reading was a literal spiritual awakening for me. She connected me to my beloved fiancé who had passed only 2 weeks when I found her. I am very skeptical about things science can’t explain. I would accept no ambiguity. I was shocked when the reading Vickie delivered left no room for disbelief. Within the first 2 minutes she took on my love’s words and tone she apologized in the first person “I am so sorry we did not make it to the alter.” We were to be married in 3 months. I made no mention of who I was looking for she did not see me in person and did not know my age or anything about me. Upon opening the reading, she told me to tell her nothing, that information only interferes with the connection and a true medium making a connection only needs your permission. She than gave an accurate description of the accident again in the first person it matched the police report perfectly. The reading only got better from there. Vickie’s reading brought Vern directly to me. I was so amazed that Vern’s consciousness survived death it sent me on an exploration for which I am writing a book to share my findings with others seeking answers. I received 26 readings only 4 of them made connections and Vickie was by far the most powerful. She brought out my man’s emotion, confusion, pain, love, and much more. I cannot express my gratitude for what your gift has done for me. Darcy Bellows (Mascorro) – Author of Finding Vern.

Hello Vickie, You did a reading for me at the psychic fair in Nevada City in April of this year.  It helped my daughter and I come to terms with my husband’s death and I want to thank you so much for that. The reason I am writing is because I just found out that there is going to be a psychic fair in Sacramento on August 11th and 12th.  I would like to know if you plan on being there. My husband’s birthday is on August 12th and I would really like to try and contact him.  Thank You Very Much, Carole Helder

I have seen Vickie in action changing people’s lives. She gives me insight and assistance in all areas of my life. Respectfully submitted, Gary.

I have consulted with various physics throughout my life.  I am 64 and started to investigate many things from age 18 on.  At first I wanted to know why the circumstances of my life have been so terrible and full of pain, but many of the things I was told earlier did not make sense.  I’ve know Vickie for several years and have cleared up the earlier thoughts. Plus, many of my relatives have died and Vickie has helped me to know more about their deaths and heal from these painful deaths. Janis Jenkins.

I have seen Vickie bring spirits to this earth and communicate with them. She has truly been blessed with the ability to connect with those who have passed. Margie Bennett.

I have worked with Vickie on several occasions. And have witness the tears of joy she has brought to so many people. She has been blessed with the ability to connect with those who have passed. Without a doubt Vickie is the number one medium. Martha

Vickie has been helping me for the last couple of years to improve my quality of life and reduce my severe chronic pain that I suffer from. She has been caring and has been able to give me lots of helpful advice as she connects to spirits. She has made a big difference in my life. Sincerely, Katie Ross.

Vickie has been a tremendous help in my life. She’s the real deal! L. Balzani.

My name: Pastor Alaina P. Mensah. Vickie has helped me identify my gift as being able to connect with those who have past on. She also explained what happens to the spirits once they past on. I’m a Pastor and this gift has helped me in my Ministry to heal grieving souls.

Vickie’s abilities are beyond measure and my experiences with her have been amazing. Sincerely, Marsha Tocco

Vickie has been both a channel for passed over loved ones and also a life coach for many situations that I have call upon her for help. She has always made sure that I recognize my loved one by certain statements made that only my loved one would know. During many transitions in my life, Vickie has been able to provide me the guidance that I need to see myself through the situation to gain the best outcome. I have had many readings with many others, and I have Never been disappointed in a reading with Vickie Gay. Her guidance has always been spot on! And, she is the Only reader I can say that about. She Definitely and Most Certainly has the connection to the Angelic Realm. God has Blessed Her with a Gift that She uses to help people through their tough times and to become a better person through it all. May the World Benefit from her giving loving self. Love and Light. Amazing Wonder.

I became acquainted with Vickie Gay in 2008 when my eldest daughter was missing. My mother had been a firm believer in Spiritualism throughout her life, and I needed her spiritual help to find Sarah.  Vickie contacted my mother for me, identifying her by info only I could know about my mother. Vickie found my daughter in spirit: Sarah had been murdered. Vickie helped me to come to understand what had happened, how it happened and who had perpetrated her murder. That information was later found to be true by investigators of the MI State Police, and evidence during trial supported information I gathered through Vickie from spirit. I was a basket case when going through losing our daughter. I thank God for Vickie Gay everyday!!! She contacted Sarah for me anytime I needed to speak to her. Vickie is an exceptionally gifted psychic medium. Sincerely, Helene Wilson.

Vickie has read for me many, many times throughout the past 2 years and has shown me nothing but compassion and gentleness. Her readings have given me great hope, eased my mind throughout one of the most difficult experiences of my life and given me strength to look forward. Her work with Spirit has aided me in recovery, and along with her warm personality, given me guidance and someone to speak with in some of my darkest hours. Dena Narese.

Vickie Gay, a most wonderful, compassionate & talented medium. Denise Keary.

Vickie only had a few brief seconds since they ran out of time, to answer a question I had, or give me advice on a internet radio show many months ago, and in the last week what she said has come to pass. At the time it made utterly no sense, and was such an odd obscure answer. When I sat down the other night & realized what she had said many months ago, was happening before my eyes, I laughed out loud. She’s nothing short of amazing! Sincerely, Kerri Roth, Northern California.

I have known Vickie Gay since 2003.  She was invited to a GHOST HUNTING EXPEDITION & SLEEP OVER that year at PIPER’S OPERA HOUSE in Virginia City, NV.  I was the coordinator and I scheduled 3 different crews to search and explore different parts of the building.  It was a night to remember.  As I look back to that day/night, I am reminded of her Wisdom & Strength.  I see her as a Guardian to all those seeking truth in these matters of the paranormal.  I am grateful to have had her protection during our time at Piper’s Opera House, as most of us were novices and in need of Proper Protection. Vickie and I have done a few other paranormal investigations and each time it has been safe, productive and educational. I THANK VICKIE for being our GUARDIAN OF LIGHT into the world of the paranormal.  I trust her completely and am honored to call her friend. Here are 2 links that could prove helpful. http://www.spookyplaces.net/virginiacity_2008.html:  SPOOKY  PLACES https://vimeo.com/9914350:  GHOSTS OF PIPERS Peace, Love & Light, Amy Burdick / Reno, NV.

My friend Vickie Gay can help my personal life in science, medical field, family relationship…pretty much all aspects of life.  She helps me to receive universal messages from different parts and different levels of heaven and outer heaven.  Messages from different deities of New Age, Buddhism, Taoism, angelic realm, fairy realm.  David Au.

Spirit introduced Vickie and I nine years ago and she has never ceased to amaze me. Before we’d met, I’d been in a meeting where we were discussing a presentation Vickie had done for one of our programs (I was not at the presentation). As we looked through the participant evaluations and how they raved about Vickie, I suggested to our programmer that we should see if Vickie would be interested in teaching a regular class for us. As the programmer stood to leave my office, my phone rang. The person on the other end said, “I was told to call your phone number. I was told you had news for me.” Yes, it was Vickie Gay!!! Since then, I’ve worked with Vickie on paranormal investigations and attended her classes. She is dedicated to the field and to helping people on their journeys. If you need any other information, please let me know. Have a great day! Kathleen Berry.

Vickie has connected me with both Mom and Dad and an Uncle in the “invisible” world, talking about events that only we knew about. But the best surprise was when my beloved late dog Loewe started interfering during the session with my Mom, calling “Me, me, me now!” and she relayed his message too. Thank you, Vickie, we love you. You are THE MEDIUM EXTRAORDINAIRE! Ursela Rabe

Hi Vickie, I received a reading from you on June 19th and I was curious if you have a dog or had one barking during the reading?? Reason being because on my thumb drive a dog starts barking right when you mentioned my childhood shihtzu coming through. During the phone reading I do not recall hearing a dog barking. I don’t think it’s a coincidence but wanted to check to see if you had a dog in the room at the time. Pretty awesome! The dog barking was at 5:48 on my thumb drive. Thanks again for my reading, Lisa Woodward

 Vickie’s reply: “There was no dog in my reading room. You and I did not hear a dog barking right as your crossed over dog came through in the reading. I have Great news for you! We have what is called EVP. Your dog in the spirit world recorded it’s bark. Electronic Voice Phenomena, in this case Electronic Bark Phenomena.”
Hi Vickie, Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to meeting you. Because of your connection, I have hooked up to the Spiritualist Church. I have had a lot of great luck, job included and am saving my house, thanks to you! I will share with you later.
Love and Light,
Barbara San Jose, California USA
Hello Vickie, I am making lots of life changes. After the reading you did for me in June…boy, everything you said has come into place and is continuing to move along. I really appreciate you,
Ray Tahoe, California USA
“I wanted to say thank you. During my reading you mentioned a male on the other side helping 3 people close to me cross over. At the time I could think of 2 but later that night I remembered there were 3 relatives, my mother, brother and sister. You also mentioned an older female spirit in my house who cleans doorknobs. That really shocked me because I just recently started cleaning all the doorknobs in my house. I never have done anything like that previously in my life and it seemed weird that I started this strange behavior. I am not sure what the rose pedals pulled off one by one means. I was hoping my sister would come through and tell me why she died. The police do not know if she was murdered or suicide. I guess I will never know. However, just wanted to say thank you. Your details could have only come from a true psychic medium and I am glad I found you. I will try to send you referrals.”
Charmaine Reno, Nevada USA
“Vickie did a reading for me and I talked to Mom and Dad and our Grandparents. Vickie is very very good!!!! I was skeptical, she said my healer is a Native American large male and he’s fixing to put his hands on your shoulders, and I felt the pressure, in fact I almost fell out of my chair. Than Dad interrupted and said “What about me I’m here too!!!” At that precise moment I felt the weight of the other man’s hands come off of my shoulders!! It was a wonderful experience!!!!!!”
Susie San Francisco, California USA
“I was a skeptic until I got a reading from Vickie. She is a real medium! She gave me so much detail about my family that has crossed over. She told me about what is going on in my life now and how my family was helping me. I have felt them around me but did not know if it was just my imagination. After the reading I was able to look at all my options and make more informed decisions. Thank you Vickie, for arming me with lots of information. My business is doing so much better now. Vickie should have her own TV show!”
Edward Milton, San Rafael, California 
 I’m real anxious and excited to receive this cd since not only my fiance came through so did my aunts husband and of course the extra hellos from your guide. Thanks Vickie. I never really thanked you for the help you have given me. I love you so much for it. Of course, I’m still sad, but what you do helps to ease my pain. I know I’ll probably see you a few more times before the end of the year. Till then, God bless you and your family. Take Care.
Lotsaluv, Myra Pittsburg, California USA
“I was in your 3pm workshop on Saturday and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do that workshop. You are definitely gifted and it was a pleasure to be guided by you in the meditation. As I shared with you I had a whole bunch of people come flying through, and then was able to tell them to stop and have just my mom communicate with me. It was fun. Keep up the great work – you are a blessing to all.”
Jeanne, Reno, Nevada USA, The Reno-Sparks Convention Center
“Hi Vickie, Just wanted you to know that I so appreciate the reading Tues. Dec. 7th. I don’t know if you remember me but my family came through very clear. I can’t tell you how much I needed to know that they were still a part of my life. Do you remember my husband kept showing you a newspaper. You said it was folded in half and then folded again. He showed you that several times but I had no idea what he was trying to tell me. After the reading I went outside to gather some newspapers in from the driveway. I looked through them but I didn’t see anything that I could connect with. I kept saying I don’t know what you meant about the newspaper even tho everything else was so clear. The next day I happen to call my cousin to get a mailing address for Christmas Cards for one of her grandchildren who recently moved. While talking to her. she said “Did you see the article in the paper” Right away, I said, “no what paper?” she said the one that comes in the mail the little local paper. :”They are having the 2004 Candle Lighting In Memory of all Children at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens” (My husband and daughter are both, well there old physical bodies, buried at Chapel Hill. It is this Sunday, Dec. 12 at 6:30 p.m. This is World Wide – As candles burn down in one time zone, they are lighted in the next creating a 24 hour wave of light that encircles the globe. I would never have seen it because I don’t usually read that little paper. Thank goodness somehow he got Pat to see it and tell me about it. Obviously I am going to be there Sunday night. Thanks again Vickie, and I will take their advise about the spiritual healing. I definitely plan on trying to do what ever I can.” 
Marilyn St. Louis, MO USA
Hi Vickie: It was so nice to see you last night at Borders and thank you so much for your CD. I listened to your CD today and it was very informative. Thank you also for special message to me. Thank you for sharing and teaching me your gift. 
Erika  Nevada USA 
Thank you Vickie. My daughter Chelsea and I will be at the signing.
Thanks again! You’re AMAZING! 🙂
You are so awesome, Vickie!
Thanks, Kathy – Nevada USA 
Hi Vickie, just wanted to thank you for your warm, generosity and healing energy that you sent me today. i felt very touched by it…thank you one’s again from the bottom of my heart
Alexandra – USA 
Vickie, All of what you have told me has come to pass. You are wonderful patient and beautiful.
Thanks, Love, Mary
“You are so accurate as you related to questions. If anyone has questions, call Vickie, she is an accurate medium.” You go forward with that TV program.”
Judith Conrad, MCTV15 Mount Shasta, California USA
Personal, Business & Spiritual Couch.
 Vickie,I know today’s information came from spirit, not you, Vickie. However I want to thank you for dedicating your life to help others in the way that you do. THAT was a free will choice that you made and I thank you. I knew that I was drawn to you immediately and that you had good connections and accuracy. I have always been grateful for my time with you and Spirit. I have taken the info you ( & Spirit ) have given me and put it to good use for my spiritual growth. I have changed so much since I have allowed myself to become the spiritual Being that I am. I am only becoming a better Being in this process.Thank you for being a part of the process for me. I also would love to help people. I know that is in my future. I know that I will see you again. Love in God’s Light,
Sue San Diego, California USA
Hi Vickie, I just want you to know how much I/We appreciate you. I am grateful for having you in my/our life. We love you!!! 
God Bless!!! Myra California 
Vickie, You continually amaze me. You are a highly dedicated and spiritual person to say the least. You are a DO’er and you are the kind of person that attracts and brings to you those of like mind. Even though the event has yet to begin…so far you have accomplished what few would have undertaken and stayed the course sticking with your principles…so when it’s all over, pat yourself on the back…take a sip of wine and enjoy the moment. You deserve it!!! 
Love, Plez  – California USA
Vickie, You are helping facilitate the #1 most important things in ‘… name of love one crossed over omitted for privacy’ and my lives, connection and communication. It has always superseded everything else. I can’t express to you just how important it is to both of us. Thank you. I plan to leave town for awhile next weekend. If it is possible to get the CD’s to me before that time, I would really appreciate it. Finally, thank you for speaking with me after the sitting. It helps me better understand what is going on. With a little guidance from you, I am convinced that ‘… name of love one crossed over omitted for privacy’ and I will be able to develop the direct communication that we both so desperately NEED. 
Thanks again. 
Sam – New York USA

Hi Vickie, It was a pleasure talking to you today, and I am so glad that I had a reading session with you. All of the sudden, I started to have a lot of clarity in my life. I would love to meet you in person sometimes. Please let me know if you have a chance to come down to southern California area. I wish you the best, and I will talk to you soon. 
Best Regards,  Santa Barbara , California
Vickie, Thank you for all your help in what you revealed to me last night. My daughter, Helen, is the person who told me about you. She went to Las Vegas to attend your seance and connected with her father who died 15 years ago and she also had a phone reading with you too. We appreciate you. Much.love, Kathleen – Bishop, California USA 
Hi Vickie,Things seem to be shaping up for October 28th…Universal Passsing Over
I have just visited all four websites…and I see my sister — Diane Egby-Edwards — is one of the speakers for the UK event. Now, I see you have a galaxy of stars for your event in Vegas — are they all part of your circle, or are they working at your psychic event? I notice that the Canadians and New Zealanders are still looking for psychics and mediums. Is this the case with you — if so I can mention it in the next Journal in mid September. I will be doing a story anyway on the over all world event…but I would like to know about your circle. Sounds good. I notice that you’re holding it in the same hotel as NSAC is holding its convention the first week of October. Should be some interesting vibrations lying around. Are you attending the NSAC convention? Take care, Robert http://www.parapsychicjournal.com
Vickie, Nice to hear from you again. I am glad you found me. I would love to get another movie. I really enjoyed both movies.I would like to get more. I would even love to join the ghost hunters, but they are in Calif. hugs and kisses
Thanks, Patricia   Carson City, Nevada USA 
 Vickie, Sifu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Martial arts usage of sifu
Traditionally, in Chinese martial arts, the term was used as a familial term and sign of respect as in the general usage. The term takes on a more intimate context when a student becomes a formal student or disciple of the teacher. The acceptance as a student is a very formal event, usually requiring a discipleship ceremony called bai shi. After the ceremony, the relationship is defined as a more direct parent/child context and usage takes on this term rather than a generic sign of respect for skill and knowledge. Compare with the Japanese “sensei”, the Malay “pendekar”, and the Sanskrit guru. Vickie this describes you. James, Reno, NV.
Hi Vickie!!I am just so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for writing! I know we don’t talk as often but please know I could never ever forget you (you saved my life, literally). On top of that, you know when I call you, I’m always in some type of trouble… ha ha… but things are good and I think we’re not moving for a few more years, San Jose is not great, but California is. I’ve finally let all that trouble go (most of it) and have been enjoying California (camping). I’m also back in touch with my aunt who I was estranged with for eight years so I’m really happy about that. Anyway, write when you can ok? Thanks again Vickie, it really means a lot to me that you thought of me because you know I think the world of you… Take care, Tina USA 
Vickie, I just wanted to thank you for the reading!! And my animals thank you too!! (See pictures below) The navigator you saw is a puzzle still. But the guy I’m seeing now is called Captain Dagger at the renaissance and pirate fares we do. So it could have had something to do with him I guess. But he’s not a real captain, so that may not be it at all. I know sometimes the visions can be like metaphors. Or maybe it’s just someone I haven’t met yet, or someone I will help in my ghost hunting encounters or something. But I especially appreciate the information on my pets, since they were my main concern. So thank you again!! 
Stacy, Meiko and Mow Mow >^.,.^<
Hi Vickie, I am following-up with you from our last phone call. Friday, August 18, I was preparing to leave our Chicago/Indiana home. Except for when I first arrived, there had been no notable experiences of my connecting with Susan, and I had been wondering about that in the morning. Then, I received a phone call marked unknown on my cell phone. hadn’t heard it, but then 2 minutes later, I did hear it ring, but I didn’t answer it in time. This was also marked Unknown. Then the phone rang again and indicated I had a new voicemail message. When I played the “New” voicemail, your message from a month prior that I had saved was the voicemail that played. I thought it was a new voicemail you were leaving me, and that you had forgotten Susan’s last name, and was asking for it again. Therefore I called you thinking you had just left me the voicemail when in fact it was your old voicemail. After you and I talked, I played my voicemails back and your voice mail was the first saved one.
What is interesting to me is that my phone indicated there WAS A MESSAGE LEFT, and in fact the phone even rang to tell me so. However, the only call reported were the two unknown calls which prompted me to listen to voicemail and it was the old recording of you.
I can only surmise that ‘_________, loved one crossed over’ was trying to assure me she was with me at our home and she used the phone call as a way to connect me with you. Otherwise, I would have just ignored the unknown calls. I am also thinking that her ability to connect with me and manipulate experiences might be more pronounced at our home because she had told me after the last time we were there that she loved being there with me more than anything else in life. My only other thought was that she was wanting to speak with me again thru you at that time.Well, I just wanted to share this with you, because it was strange, and you probably were wondering why I had called you to begin with, if I wasn’t seeking a reading. It is taken me this long to get back to you because I have returned to Southern CA and have been busy working. I hope all continues to go well with you. Continue to take care.
Peace, Love, Joy and Beauty, Sam  California, USA
Dear Vickie, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seance on Friday, March 24 at the Reno Convention Center. It was so enlightening!! I had never really thought about going to a seance, in fact I thought I was just going to a seminar! But I was delightfully surprised! I loved how the others were able to connect with their loved ones that have passed. If fact I was so taken with you and your abilities that I returned the next day for a reading. It was WONDERFUL!! Thank you SOOO much for a great weekend!!
Thank You Again, Addie in Reno

Hi Vickie: I was at your lecture in Stockton, CA this summer, it was great! 
Thank you, Marlene Tasmania, Australia

Dear Venerable Vickie, Definition of Venerable:Rendered sacred by religious or other associations; that should be regarded with awe and treated with reverence; as, the venerable walls of a temple or a church. Related Words:acknowledged, admirable, admitted, advanced, advanced in life, ageless, antediluvian, aristocratic, august, auld, awe-inspiring, awesome…and much more! Anonymous – San Francisco

Vickie, I just read the article, WOW!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome to read! Would you consider writing a book? I would be first in line? If you have written one, tell me where to buy it. I am ordering your cd today, yeaaa! Can’t wait. Looking forward to the wonderful journey.  Mary – New Jersey USA

Vickie, I consider you my Sifu in these matters and will pay you for any thing you do if you would like. I pray your trip was blessed, be good to yourself . 

Thanks Vickie, I have ordered the cd and look forward to it , I am also enjoying your web site and watched the video of the las vegas “12” what wonderful work , it was very moving. 
Peace and love james. USA 
Vickie, Oh thank you! I have been so excited to review it. I want to thank you so much again for helping me connect w/ my husband. I still haven’t figured out what my grandmom was trying to give to me as a present, but everything that my husband said to me was absolutely true. I even figured out, with the help of my neighbor, what the number 4 and letter W meant…4 wheel! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
Much love too you! Jennifer 

Mrs.Gay, I would like to thank you for saving my life.Your efforts and work are more than any one person has ever done for me or my family.I am forever in your debt..yours and your family.I pray the Lord blesses all of you and your family and protect you as well. If ever I can help say the word and it is done,”God willing.” 
Thank you Vickie! B^

In a reading indentification this spirit used… ,the man with the foot thing’
These are pictures of the kids and of Master Song,The O’Boson Owen Watson.O’Boson is a Japanese word.(the man with the foot thing) They were happy and loved each other allot,and were loved by their Papa. Thank you so much, you have saved many life’s! Maybe some day The O’Boson’s Disciple can help you or even teach you what he can “Sifu”,You are a great blessing to his family and to mine . Thank you Vickie. 
P.S. We feel as you are our family and will be eternally in debt to your kindness.
Anonomys, Nevada, USA

Hi Vickie, How are you? How are things going w/your medium pursuits professionally and personally. I have listened to the last two readings you did w/Susan and me and am continued to be amazed how congruent they are w/my own intuitive sense of our relationship. And, of course we both continue to be grateful to you and your gifts in helping us stay connected. Samuel

Hi Vickie I was the last client at the Concord, CA 10/22 event. I would like to order the cd. It was a very powerful experience. Thank you. I would like in the future to learn how to get to those states more often, and to be able to connect with different people. 
Alexandra – Concord, California USA

Oh my goodness right back at cha!!!!!  I will send this off to James today with our best wishes for a wonderful future. He is certainly lucky to have a friend as special as you!!! J

Dear Vickie, I wanted to personally “Thank You” again for the very successful Santa Barbara weekend event you drove down for in February. What a Blessing!!

To date, I have personally experienced three unbelievable readings with you. All of which catapulted me from a darkness into the light. All of my readings were nothing short of Amazing. You have always named my family members, including my father for whom I thought would never visit during a psychic reading!! Oh my goodness, he didn’t believe in such hog wash (his words when he was alive). And the name he used wasn’t his given name, but the endearing name used only by his closest friends. Wow!! My mother and beloved brother have visited all three times and they divulge untold amount of stories that NO one else knows about. I witnessed a friend’s sister being told to MOVE away from her husband immediately or she would be harmed and the minute she returned home, she moved into a Women’s Shelter. And just for the record, the husband did in fact begin looking for her and the police were contacted. My girlfriend’s boyfriend came to one of the readings and has since shared that he has a new perspective on the spirit world. He told me that he didn’t grow-up believing in such things, but is now a believer! He would actually enjoy having another reading one day. So many wonderful, uplifting stories to share from your visit. You truly do have an Amazing ability to connect with our loved ones and I want to share with the world…. “If you have the opportunity to visit with Vickie Gay, I would suggest you NOT PASS the educational journey by!!!” She’ll give you closure and peace of mind. Vickie doesn’t care if you believe in psychic mediums in general or in her ability. Her mission in life is to bring words of healing from the afterlife. She gets the message across real fast that your loved ones are living, guiding and protecting you from the other side.
Santa Barbara had two sensational days with Vickie. Thank you, Vickie from all of us who witnessed your talented gifts. You are so exciting. We are blessed to have such a talented person in our world who is capable of helping so many. You have helped move us from grieving into a loving light and we are all very grateful. Vickie, you bring an elevated spirit to my soul. Every time I visit with you, you give me clarity on what I already know to be true. 
Love and light,Santa Barbara, California Exclusive Event Testimonial 



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